Choosing a Preschool

The starting years of children’s life are significant for their development. During these years, fostered and motivated children are more composed for formal calculations and readings. They become sociable by the time they go to kindergarten.

Parents are considered as a child’s first teacher. They should be well aware of the ways to make most of learning opportunities for their children. one important choice that parents needs to make is choosing a right preschool to their children in their early years.

It can be tough to choose a preschool for your children because every child is different. What works for one child, may not work for another one. This is true in case of children with special needs. So, it becomes very important to choose the best preschool for your preschooler.

 Even friends and neighbors can be a good point of information but it’s better to do your research before sending your children to any preschool.

Good quality preschools hire well trained teachers who have studied childhood education. This is important because preschool teachers must have understanding of handling kids and knowledge of how to nourish basics of reading preparation skills. A good preschool teacher must have the love and passion for working with young children. He/she should manage them in a caring way and share their interest and love for books and learning.

In a good preschool classroom, children comes across many different types of materials like building blocks and other construction materials, Paints, picture books, art materials,  puzzles, matching games and more. The classrooms in preschools should be engaging so that students will be curious to learn new things. It should spark their imaginations. The walls should display artwork and creative, interesting writings. There should be real life objects in the classrooms to help students understand the concepts and vocabulary easily.

The best way to get the real picture is to visit preschools and spend some time observing the classrooms and the teachers. Take time to find the right preschool for your children as it is an investment for their future. Enroll your children in ABC Montessori preschools in Delhi for their bright future.

How to Get Your Children on the Right Career Path

To get your children on the right career path, the most important thing is right guidance and direction. Children who are on their way to success don’t reach their coincidentally. Their parents and family members play a huge part in that too. So it becomes very crucial to make the right choices at right times.

Here are some ways to get your children on that right career path:


  1. Define success.

It is very important to make your children understand the real definition of success. It is not limited to the rewards that come as a result but it’s the conquest which comes after performing best to your abilities. It’s important to make them understand its true meaning.


2) Teach them to believe.

Teach your children to have self belief.  They will encounter many ups and downs in their life. Staying positive and believing in them will improve their health, work ethics, and overall performance and take them towards right career path.

3) Learning values.

Children should not be confined to school or college education only. Life is Keyskillsa great learning school which teaches a lot of things. Allow them to learn through their life experiences. Inspire children to enroll into new skills and learn them. This will put them towards right career path.



  1. Picture the finish line.

It’s important for children to visualize the end result. As they develop career and educational goals, help them with examples that they can relate to.  This will motivate them and guide in the right direction.

  1. Allow mistakes.

Teach children to learn from failures. Life is not an easy journey. They will come across various hurdles during different phases of life. Learning from failures will make them strong and they will head towards a right career path.

With right guidance, encouragement and parenting techniques, we can prepare children for a successful life ahead of them. Enroll your children in ABC Montessori The best playschool and Montessori preschool in Delhi to put them on the right career path.

Educational activities for kids

Inspiring kids to get into right direction and doing right things is a challenge because kids can get into wrong things easily. Children are like moulds and they can bend in any direction whether good or bad depending on their learning and surroundings. Attention, observation and awareness play an important part in right growth and upbringing of kids.

Young children show different strengths and developmental abilities at different ages. Kids should be engaged in activities which will help them in appropriate learning and mental development at home or schools. It is a lot easier to entertain kids while they learn new skills and practices with so many educational activities. You can enroll your kids in Montessori preschools in Delhi and best daycare schools in Delhi.

It is important for adults to participate with young children in such activities so that their learning experience can become more effective. Right guidance is very important in these activities with age group of 1 year to 5 years. Many schools will have fun doing those activities with children too. Below are some of the educational activities which can help children tremendously.

 1) Science activities: Kids under adult supervision can perform science activities like magic milk color explosion, turning grapes into raisins, expanding Ivory soap experiment, homemade giant bubble recipe, making crystals with borax and pipe cleaners, water cycle activity, baking soda and vinegar experiment for fizzing colors, sink and float experiments etc.

2) Math activities: Kids can perform activities like Play with Your Food! Tangram Puzzle Sandwiches, Ice Cube Tray Math Practice, Garden math, design a weather calendar, create a color collage, make your own memory matching game, etc.

3) DIY(do it yourself) activities: Kids can engage in activities like crayon colors sorting, make your own bags, make your own cloud, play with pulleys, stamped shirt, tie-dye spin art, fairy Garden, family tree, etc.

4) Reading and literacy activities: involve kids in activities like make your own writing tent, thankful tree, duct tape alphabet magnets, etc.

5) Music and art activities: engage kids in activities like egg music makers, beach art shell paintings, nurture a love for music, etc.

How to Sharpen Your Kids Mind

In this 21st century, with advancement in science and technology people have made their lives so much dependent on machines that they spend most of their time with electronic devices such as iPods, iPads, laptops, smart phones, video games, etc. Along with adults, kids nowadays are so much into these gadgets that they are escaping the activities that encourage the growth of their bodies and brains. Children are naturally very active, curious, and full of energy, cheerfulness and excitement. With right guidance and support from parents and teachers, their minds can be trained and sharpened. Many schools are working in providing children a healthy and good learning environment. You can enroll your children in best Montessori preschools and playschools in Delhi for their good mental and physical growth. Here are some tips for parents to keep their children’s brains sharp.

1) Plenty of rest. Allow children proper sleep of 10 to 12 hours to let them re-energize and rejuvenate. Good sleep will make their minds sharper, calmer and healthier.

2) Healthy diet. Start their day with healthy breakfast full of proteins, wholegrain, fiber, fruits, and vegetables, etc. Healthy diet will make them healthy, provide energy and sharpen their minds to perform better academically.

3) Reading. Encourage children to read as it is a good way for effective learning. Allow children to read their books of interest like story books, science books or even chapter from their school books. Reading will give knowledge to their brains and indulge them to think, react and be imaginative and inventive.

4) Limit time for electronic gadgets. Keep your children updated with technology but limit their use of electronic gadgets. Involve them in other activities like dancing, cleaning their rooms, gardening, visit to the nearby parks, etc.

5) Physical activities. Physical activities are not only good for the body but they also sharpen the mind. Engage your children in physical activities like swimming, skating, Sports, gymnastics, etc. This will stimulate their mental and physical growth.

6) Memory games. Play memory games with children as they sharpen their learning skills. Playing memory games exercises their mental abilities and improves their mind’s fitness.

Let’s begin the journey- preschool learning

For parents, their children are their world. They want the best of everything for them and want to see them succeed in their lives. They do the best of their abilities to provide them good education. Every parent wants their children to have a wonderful first experience at school when they start in kindergarten. The most important learning years of life are the early years where the brain grows most rapidly and absorbs much more information than the later stages of life. Preschool education lays the foundation of learning and development of children in early stages of their lives before entering the real world of education. Preschools and good teachers can have a good impact on the development of children.

Preschool education covers various areas of development like

Personal, social and emotional development

preschools teach children about the world through play. It is where children develop a bond with learning. Children get involved in activities like running, jumping, climbing, throwing and catching. They use their bodies actively both indoors and outdoors. This helps in their physical growth and building of bones & muscles. By playing and learning with other classmates, children build their social and language skills. Children learn to deal with and resolve disputes with the support of their teachers. By Interaction with others in the PreSchool, children learn to understand their feelings and feelings of others. They also learn to show concern to others.

Communication skills which includes listening and talking

Children learn to understand and communicate through reading, writing, talking and listening. Teachers in preschools help children to use their communication skills to learn new concepts. Children are very curious. They ask questions, explore new things, create, make decisions, and solve problems. The way of learning approach in children is an important part of their thinking or cognitive skills development. Preschools help children by providing interesting materials to use and explore, by engaging and asking questions to the children that expand their thinking.

Knowledge and understanding of world

Most children ask a lot of questions about the world. Teachers at Preschools encourage children to make discoveries, observe, think scientifically, and ask questions. They provide tools and playful equipments to children to help get the understanding of subject better.

Social studies

In Preschools children learn about different cultures & languages of other children. They get to make new friends, get along with them, play with them & make their decisions. They also learn how to set themselves in their class, family, and community.

Creative Arts

Children express their ideas and feelings in various ways. They could be through dancing, painting and writing. But their creativity is a factor that supports their learning. Preschools provide an environment that supports their creative abilities by providing them materials and equipments which brings out the best of their abilities.

Importance of Social Interactions in Childhood Learning

Childhood learning plays a crucial role in not only in a child’s life but also in the life of parents. Because parents have a lot of jobs to do in daily life, so early learning schools is the best option for a child to grow socially. Interaction with peers and adults gives an immense amount of leaning opportunity to young children. The right environment will help in your child’s overall development. 

Better Language Development:

Your language is your representation. Strong language can be built only by interacting with others. During childhood learning, children get to share and learn ideas from peers and adults around them. The more the people will children get to interact, the stronger their vocabulary and comprehension will be.

More Learning:

Learning includes practice, trial and failure. In pre-schools your children gets a safe and comfortable environment to experiment their skills and ideas. Also, they will get to learn sharing, showing respect to others, cooperation and much more. Children also learn adjustments and curbing anger in social setting.

Strong Creativity and Imagination:

During early education, children will be able to emerge out their creativity and imagination. Plays and sports like events allow children to experiment their imagination with various ideas. Playing with others allows children to gain inspiration and learn more from other’s imagination.

Boost the Self-Esteem.

The process of developing social skills allows a child to have higher self-esteem. The child with more self-confidence will be much more comfortable in interacting with others and learning from the world around them. A child with stronger self-esteem will be more successful in future career setting.

Pre schools can give your child the best opportunity to learn and interact with people. Help your child to build a better future by enrolling in the best Montessori schools in Delhi. The preschools with good teachers make it their goal to help your child succeed.

Are you giving your child the “Right” Education?

The idea shouldn’t be the ‘Right to education’ but access to right education. The quality of education provided to a child decides the future of a child. A child must receive a quality education that brings out the best of a student, be it their personality, talent and abilities. Education doesn’t only means grasping accuracy and literacy skills but it also includes the ‘Life Skills’ such as taking the right decisions; to evolve conflicts in a responsibility, critical thinking, creative talent and much more that will act as tool for children to take decisions in their life.

kids education

The amount of education provided in Montessori’s must be child-centered or child friendly, and must be provided in such a way that enables the child to express his or her view.  The rules and regulation of the school should be administered in a way consistent with child’s human dignity and non- violence education strictly be promoted in the school.

Top Montessori playschools in Delhi Believes in creating thinking power, communication and also creativity among the children. Teachers should allow children to create their own stories and allow them to make art out of it. They should help them to unleash the super hero in them, encourage them to read, value the uniqueness of every child, and encourage them to ask questions so that they have a trust on themselves and in that way we could also figure out that where a child’s thinking can go.

painted kids face

Undoubdtly, Educators play a major role in child’s life. They are the ones who guide and nurture child by understanding them. They have a direct impact on the overall development of a child and also on what they will ultimately become. So, keeping in mind all these facts, Montessori’s should take special care while making the choice of a teacher.

How Parents Finds the Best Playschool for Their Child?

Directly after the bubbly season begins the educational season. What’s that? It is the time when guardians begin searching for the correct schools for their tyke to get conceded and you will see a considerable measure of news around this run, manage, nursery affirmation et cetera. Be that as it may, before the genuine stuff for schools starts, comes the determination of playschools where guardians send their children, so they can blend with different children their own age, play a bit, take in a little and prepare for school. Here are a few suggestions for first-time playschool selectors.

1. Start with fundamental research: Find out the distinctive playschools around your zone and bring their pamphlets home. Take proposals from close family companions and waitlist a couple.

Children's Group



2. Ask for references: Ask different guardians for references and after that set up a rundown in light of that. This would control you in transit forward. Likewise, get some information about the school and their offices as the exercises the school does with the children.


Hand Body Painting

3. Meet the educators: Your kid will be with them for a couple of hours regular. You should meet the instructors and staff individuals and become acquainted with them a tad.


4. Check foundations: You need to ensure that the pre-school has sufficient framework. That they don’t stuff numerous youngsters into small rooms. Regardless of whether they have appropriate hardware and materials, which is of good quality and condition.

Infrastructure demo

5. Teacher understudy proportions: Many preschools have 1:3 instructor understudy proportion. Check whether the preschool has sufficient showing workforce or not. After all, your little child should get consideration and if the proportion isn’t right then they assuredly won’t get this consideration.

Teacher teaching

The Joy of Learning

When children find learning a fun experience, they tend to absorb more knowledge and mould into better learners. Fun has a positive effect on motivation levels, determining what we learn and how much we retain. Learning isn’t a one-off event. It requires repetition and dedication. If the experience is fun, our little learners will stay curious and keep coming back for more.

Learning must be an enjoyable activity for kids. Be it nursery, kindergarten and preschool, it is important to ensure that learning should be a fun and pleasant experience for our children. For a child, first day at play school or nursery is full of nerves, excitement and tears. Parents leaving kids all alone with strangers is simply a nightmare for children. They feel lonely and seek support. Schools need to play a major role at that point of time to calm the nerves of the children. Those first tentative steps should be made as easy and enjoyable as possible.

For a toddler or young child, education cannot be just all about knowledge and information. There must be a dash of fun and only then the child will start feeling comfortable in the school environment. Slowly, this will make him at ease with new kids, teachers and he would even start loving the hours spent in the school. It is very crucial for young kids to enjoy themselves. Incorporation of fun element in the early education curriculum helps children in developing their own personalities and other social skills. Learning educators must focus on scheduling child activities in an entertaining fashion.

Motivating students can be a difficult task. However, it is one that must be mastered in order to provide a successful education. So often our students express that they are not interested in what is being taught in the classroom, but in actuality this may not be the case. Lack of interest may not be the problem. Rather, the content is not presented in a manner that is interesting to students, or in ways that keep the attention of the learners. As educators, it is important to understand that feeding students information is not teaching, nor does it promote motivation. If learners are not motivated, they will not be willing to learn. So, the pressing inquiry is: How do we motivate students and then keep them motivated? When we motivate students, the focus should be on intrinsic motivation. This is the form that takes place within and is not altered by outside influences. Granted, educators are not able to adjust that which is intrinsic, however, they can act as promoters.

At ABC Montessori, we believe in the joy of learning and imparting knowledge that is playfully crafted. Play takes many forms, but the heart of all play is pleasure. If it isn’t fun, it isn’t play. We play from birth on — we play using our bodies (building with blocks) and our minds (fantasy play). We use words to play (jokes, wit, humour) and we use props (blocks, toys, games). While the exact nature of play evolves, becoming more complex as we grow, play at all ages brings pleasure.

Christmas & New Year’s the ABC style!

It’s that time of year again: Christmas! We love Christmas, and one of the reasons we love it so much is because of our Christmas programs. Christmas is one of the world’s most awaited festivals. The places are decorated around, gifts are exchanged, meeting our dearer ones and sharing the boundless love, happiness, fun and more. Our students were equally excited to celebrate it with more exciting Christmas festivities loaded with fun and real joy.

The joy and happiness of Christmas was celebrated in ABC Montessori, Rajouri Garden in a spectacular way. The celebration was one memorable event filled with the laughter of happiness and cheer of our little ones. Leaving no stone unturned to sprinkle the magic of their love, the school area was wholly decorated by our students themselves. The school was decorated very beautifully with all the crafts and decorative that were made by our little artists. Each Christmas we celebrate is graced with a special performance by our students. They worked really hard in putting together and practicing for these shows. Our little kids entertained us with their wonderful solo performances which were craft fully done and confidently executed. Children of our school left us all spell bound by singing the Christmas Carols so melodiously.

Each one of us stuck to the theme of red and white.  All the fun was followed by a happening dance party where students, teachers and parents got together on the dance floor and jived to the tunes of Christmas. It was a blissful sight to see when our little ones tapped their tiny feet with happiness and excitement. A lavish layout of food was followed by the dancing. From sweet treats to delicious snacks, we all stuffed ourselves with some tasty delights.

The Santa was welcomed by excited hooting by the kids who embraced him lovingly and received lots of candies and other treats. Santa was generous enough to give a ride to the kids on his sledge. The Christmas ride was the highlight of the celebration which left the children feeling thrilled.

The melodious carols, beautifully presented dances, the enactment of the miracle of Lord Jesus’s birth all added up to one amazing cultural event. The students and teachers worked equally hard to put up the event that portrayed the enthusiasm and spirit of the festive spirit in each one of them.

Our Principal madam shared a few kind words with us where she stressed upon the virtues of kindness, giving, sharing and spreading hope and love to all. She implored the students to always strive to be good human beings and wished everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We would like to thank each and every child of ABC Montessori for helping us host such a merrilicious Christmas and New Year celebration. The entire team of ABC Montessori wishes you all a very Happy New Year and we look forward to organising many more of these events in the years to come.