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Learning is Important

Learning is an age long process which must never subside. A man is known by his wisdom and creativity which puts him up the bar. However to build a strong position in future depends on the quality of learning at the initial stage which acts as the foundation for the rest of his life. ABC Montessori holds a strong faith to give a fine base for the overall development of the child. It is monumental to create an ambience of classroom learning along with some fun learning activities which will be a great asset to groom children before they get admissions in schools. So when they sit in the actual classroom they will be already cognizant of the basic concepts.

Believing in the power of education and how it is mandatory for the social and psychological growth of a child. It is important to provide a healthy and safe environment which is of absolute necessity to enhance the rate of learning. Preschools provide all the basic education to the children by organizing extracurricular activities which includes painting, dancing and mind games. It also breaks the monotony of classroom environment where the whole emphasis is put on rot learning and swallowing academic knowledge. The quality of education is known by the amount of time devoted by the teachers to acknowledge other qualities of a child (apart from academic) and to help hone his/her skills and appreciate their own individuality. All the activities performed in the school are chosen to provide a better shape to their potentialities keeping in mind the different set of skills possessed by a child. Also, the children are made to try their hands in different DIY activities at a regular basis to increase the skill set of creativity and observance.


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Why Preschools Have Become Indispensable?

Few years back, preschools used to be a pastime of local aunt who used to take time out of her daily chores to take care of the little ones in a locality. The children were taught basic things that would benefit them when they finally get enrolled in a school.

But now a day, the notion of preschools has drastically changed in India. With the revolution in technology, they have come a long way with latest gizmos and play areas for kids. Apart from preparing children towards their academic journey, they also work on their mental, physical and social skills.

Social skills

With the awareness of early childhood education amid parents, many preschools like Montessori preschools in Delhi and others have come up in the country in recent years that are equipped with ultra-modern facilities for kids. Most of these preschools focus on overall growth of the children that includes intellectual, logical, dialectal and creative skills. They aspire to provide an environment where children can unleash their creativity and imagination. The facilities in these preschools include play areas, activity rooms, art, music, computer rooms, Amphitheatre and sand pits to aid the effective learning of the children.

Due to the trend of working families these days where both parents work, preschools have become a godsent gift for the parents. Preschools help children a lot in improving their social skills as they spend quality time with other kids in a secure and safe environment.

Selecting the best preschool is a big challenge these days. You can take help from online education portals that provides information about all preschools in and around your locality. You can enroll your children in the best play schools in Delhi as it is significant for their overall development. It allows them to explore the environment around and inculcates a sense of competition in them to cope up with any situations in the real world.

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Why Should You Send Your children to a summer Camp?

Growing up can be a time of misperception for many children. It can be overwhelming for them to fit in and grow a sense of independence. A summer camp is a great way for your children to understand valuable lessons of life, while having the time of their life.

It’s a wise choice to send your children to a summer camp, let’s have a look at how they’ll benefit:


Summer Fiesta

Build Confidence

Many children deal with confidence issues. Leadership programs at the camps boost their confidence by motivating them to work hard and achieve goals. Seeing the strong connections with their peers and positive results of their hard work helps to build confidence which is critical for their success in life.

Promotes Growth and Social Interaction

Developing strong social skills are vital for children to have a more independent life. Apart from building strong communication skills, healthy social interaction builds a sense of belonging.

Learn Important Leadership Skills

Children take directions from their parents and teachers. They require a chance to develop their leadership skills. A summer camp is a perfect opportunity to build a dynamic personality and leadership skills through various activities which are important for their success in career, family, and life.

Summer camp

Uncover Passions

It’s hard for children to discover what they’re passionate about because of so much information and options available. This leaves them with lack of motivation and direction. A camp can help teens focus on what they truly love. Merely by expressing themselves and getting an opportunity to lead, they may unveil the talents they never knew about.


A summer camp is what your child needs if he/she is struggling with confidence issues or needs to build his/her social interaction skills. ABC Montessori has organized a summer camp in Rajouri garden, Delhi for the age group of 2 to 12 years. It provides abundant activities to make their summer packed with fun and learning.

Contact ABC Montessori preschool, one of the best playschool in Rajouri garden, New Delhi at 45870003, 97117-07058 or give us a missed call at 1800-1370-130 to know more about the camp. 

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How a Summer Camp Can Carve the Life of Your Kids?

Are you thinking of enrolling your kids in a summer camp? If so, it is the time! Attending a summer camp can be a fun way for your kid to have a summer full of adventure, learning and an adorning experience that can foster growth and learning in them. But one question that often pops up is that how summer camps accomplish this?

Read on to learn more about how a summer camp can shape the lives of your kids:

1) Learning New Things at the Camp

A valuable aspect of joining a summer camp is that it provides a possibility to try new things. Your children will be able to participate in a wide range of activities and games apart from meeting new kids and adults. Summer camp provides them an exposure to new things, that can benefit them in the long run.

summer fiesta

2) Spending Time with Other Children

Going to a summer camp provides your children an opportunity to meet and spend time with children from diverse backgrounds and experiences. They learn to adapt to new cultures and values at a very young age.

3) Mental and Emotional Development

A summer camp gives your children an opportunity to break out of their comfort zone and try something new. This can be very beneficial for their mental and emotional development. This inculcates a sense of independence in them and teaches them how to deal with different challenges on their own.

4) Learning the Value of Teamwork

A good summer camp will give children many opportunities to learn the value of teamwork as games and activities on the camp are designed to put campers in a team-focused and positive environment.

summer fiesta 2018

See? Summer Camp is great! Isn’t it?     

ABC Montessori has organized a summer camp in Rajouri garden, Delhi for the age group between 2 to 12 years. In order to make their summer packed with fun and learning, it provides a plentitude of activities like personality development/ spoken English, dance, clay molding, taekwondo, storytelling/ dramatics, best out of waste, handwriting improvement/ calligraphy, art and craft and Montessori activities, to name a few.

Contact ABC Montessori preschool, one of the best playschool in Rajouri Garden, New Delhi at 45870003, 97117-07058 or give us a missed call at 1800-1370-130 to know more about the camp.

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The amazing Summer fiesta is here!

Summer has started and many parents prefer their children to maximize outdoor time and take part in nature activities, water play during summer and minimize the time spent indoors. Summer camps are perfect places to help children augment their psychological development.

Every summer, thousands of children attend summer camps all over India. If your child has never been to a camp before, you might be wondering how to decide if your child is ready for the camp and how to enroll your child in theregister online summer camp. You can talk to our professional team for details and assistance for choosing the best summer camp experience for your child. ABC Montessori is organizing summer camp in Rajouri Garden Delhi from 16 May to 15 June for the age group between 2 to 12 years.


In summer camps, children form a community where they come together to have fun and develop a sense of independence as they try new adventures away from home within the camp setting. These camps provide a safe environment for children to gain confidence and learn new skills. They also develop social skills like communication and ability to resolve disputes. Children gain the experiences they require to boost their surviving strategies with simple challenges like how to build a fire, conquering a high ropes course and hiking. They also learn to cope up the challenges of learning how to ask help from others, getting along with new peers, or taking calculated risks without the parents around them.


ABC Montessori has very carefully chosen the best appropriate summer camp activities like dance, personality development/ spoken English, taekwondo, art and craft, best out of waste, clay molding, storytelling/ dramatics, handwriting improvement/ calligraphy, and Montessori activities. In addition there will be weekly attractions like ice cream day, mask party, magic show, non-fire cooking, etc.

We believe in providing best learning experience to the kids by providing them all the amenities they need to grow at the camp.

ABC Montessori Summer Camp has limited seats. To enroll your children in the summer fiesta, give us a missed call at 1800-1370-130 or contact ABC Montessori preschool, one of the best playschool in Rajouri Garden, New Delhi at 011-4587-0003, 97117-07058, 98788-17505.

Summer Fiesta 2018 Check Below


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Why Early Childhood Education Is So Important?

Many people have reserved opinions about the importance of Pre-Kindergarten or preschool education. Researches have shown that the children who start ahead of others benefit by getting formal education before Kindergarten. Also, children enrolled in these programs have higher IQ’s and are more behaved at the time of joining kindergarten then their peers without any formal education.

The Social, physical and emotional development of children directly effects their overall development and also that the adults they become. That’s why investing in children at very young age is very important to maximize their future wellbeing. Young children are like learning sponges. Every new word, new experience they learn and behavior they adopt is an investment for their healthy and bright future.

You can give greater impression on any person only during his/her early childhood years. Early childhood Education is all about sharpening and shaping young children and that will form the basis of their life’s journey. Enroll your children in ABC Montessori preschool in Rajouri Garden which is one of the best preschools in Delhi for their early childhood education.

ABC Montessori Delhi

Early childhood education has the following essential benefits:

1) It helps children in socialization which is important to gain confidence and overcome shyness in them.

2) It makes young children familiar with the concept of cooperation. Children learn to share and cooperate with others at very early stages of their life.

3) It encourages Holistic development which is important to build strong foundation for social, emotional, mental and physical development of young children.

4) It inculcates enthusiasm in young children for lifelong learning. Their love for reading, learning, writing, discovering nature starts in preschools.

5) It conveys the value of education through experience. Early childhood education gives them a new perspective on the importance of education and that remains with them throughout their education journey.

6) It teaches children the value of respect, teamwork and make them resilient from their early years.

7) It also teaches children to concentrate, have patience and develop confidence and self-esteem which is very critical for their success in life.

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Preparing Your Children for Kindergarten

When your children are growing up, they go through a time of great mental, social and emotional development. They express their newly found joy of learning and confidence in a positive environment. There is nothing like a strong kindergarten experience which prepares them for success in elementary school. You can enroll your children in  ABC Montessori Rajouri Garden, Delhi for their growth and bright future.

Here are some tips to help you in preparing your children for kindergarten.

play school

1) Reading.

Reading aloud in front of your children not only encourages them to read on their own but also in general at school. You can start with nursery rhymes which can be helpful in teaching language, rhyming and Phonics to them.

2) Identification.

 Talking about different shapes, colors, weekdays, alphabets, numerals or facial features will make them familiar with things around them and they will be able to identify and differentiate between things.

3) Clay Letters

Playing with clay and showing your children how to form letters out of clay will help in strengthening their concept of letter formation with hands. This may help them to prepare for handwriting.

4) Independence.

 Try to cultivate Independence in your children before Kindergarten. You can start it by letting them tie their shoes, dress themselves or use the bathroom alone, etc. Children get scared upon separation from their parents. You can practice some separation sessions with the help of caregivers before their first day at kindergarten.

5) School visitation and meeting the teacher

You can try and arrange a tour to the school and meet the teacher few times. Allow your children to see classrooms, playgrounds, activity areas of the school as familiarity may help them to get adjusted in the Kindergarten easily.

6) Get a Check-Up

Make sure that your children are up to date on their vaccinations. It’s good to  visit your pediatrician for regular check up before sending your children  to the kindergarten.

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Encouraging Your Children to Lead

No matter how intelligent and well behaved your children are, they are frequently told where to go, what to do and how to behave during the day. Parents and caretakers continually feel over scheduled and hurried as they are required to actively look after children all the time.

Unlike this, Children should be allowed to be their own under parental observation. Children need encouragement to think sensibly and reasonably to be better individuals. It’s significant for children to have some control over their world. With their growth, they have their own opinions and thoughts regardless of age. When children make their decisions, it enhances their independence and they realize the importance of their self-esteem and individual identity.

Here are some ways which can give your children possibilities to thrive as a leader

1) Let them play.

Children love to play. They can get engaged in so many activities like creating, building, playing board games, interacting with nature, playing house and many more. Allow your children to be in charge of their play and let them play independently. This will give them a sense of thinking and decision making.

2) Encourage their imaginations.

childrens imagination

When your children talks to you and ask you anything, try to explain them whatever they say. Allow their imaginations run wild and engage yourself in conversations with them. Communicating ideas will enable them to expand their thoughts and build divergent thinking and confidence in them.

3) Allow them free time.

playing kid

Free time is important for children to discover and explore. Make your schedule in a such a way that your children get that time for free play, dreaming and roaming around.


4 )Provide them hands-on examples and experiences.

Provide real and direct examples or experiences to your children as much as possible in different situations. This will connect them to the real world and encourage learning.

Give your children a sense of Independence and control in their world by enrolling them in ABC Montessori Rajouri Garden which can re-energize their ability to learn new things and be a good leader.

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Technology Tips for Preschool Parents

Technology has come a long way over the last decade. The technology which didn’t exist when parents were young, they are making decisions about that Technology for their kids now.  Technology can be a blessing for growing children or it can harm children’s thinking and outlook towards life. So it becomes important for parents to engage themselves in technology decisions for their kids.


Here are some tips that might help you to make Technology decisions for your kids

1) Use technology for communication.

You can email, Skype or Face Time your family and friends far from you. In this way children will be aware of their extended family and learn to communicate with them.

2) Be involved. Engage your children in activities like reading e-book, writing emails, playing games together. Watch educational or sports videos together. Use technology as a way to connect to your children.

3) Ensure hands on play experiences.

Make real world experiences a priority for your children. Engage your children in activities like creating artwork, reading books, building with blocks, or playing board games before handling an iPad or any other technology to your 3-5 year old. Enroll them in best Montessori preschools or best playschools in Delhi for real world experiences.


Social Media

4)  Show healthy etiquette. Children learn from their parents. Show healthy behaviors to them and set examples of good habits so that they will follow you and learn good things in life.

5) Create boundaries.  Set boundaries for use of technology in your family. Manage their time and allow them to use technology and gadgets in such a way that they get equal time for hands-on learning and real world experiences.

6) Be smart and be safe. Be smart in your choices on social media with your family and friends. Monitor and pay attention to your privacy settings. Don’t allow anyone to post you or your children’s images online without your permission to avoid incidents like cyber bullying which can affect your children in a negative way.

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Choosing a Preschool

The starting years of children’s life are significant for their development. During these years, fostered and motivated children are more composed for formal calculations and readings. They become sociable by the time they go to kindergarten.

Parents are considered as a child’s first teacher. They should be well aware of the ways to make most of learning opportunities for their children. one important choice that parents needs to make is choosing a right preschool to their children in their early years.

It can be tough to choose a preschool for your children because every child is different. What works for one child, may not work for another one. This is true in case of children with special needs. So, it becomes very important to choose the best preschool for your preschooler.

 Even friends and neighbors can be a good point of information but it’s better to do your research before sending your children to any preschool.

Good quality preschools hire well trained teachers who have studied childhood education. This is important because preschool teachers must have understanding of handling kids and knowledge of how to nourish basics of reading preparation skills. A good preschool teacher must have the love and passion for working with young children. He/she should manage them in a caring way and share their interest and love for books and learning.

In a good preschool classroom, children comes across many different types of materials like building blocks and other construction materials, Paints, picture books, art materials,  puzzles, matching games and more. The classrooms in preschools should be engaging so that students will be curious to learn new things. It should spark their imaginations. The walls should display artwork and creative, interesting writings. There should be real life objects in the classrooms to help students understand the concepts and vocabulary easily.

The best way to get the real picture is to visit preschools and spend some time observing the classrooms and the teachers. Take time to find the right preschool for your children as it is an investment for their future. Enroll your children in ABC Montessori preschools in Delhi for their bright future.

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