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ABC Montessori Delhi – A Play School with the best classroom layout

A classroom should be in a way that motivates a child to learn and play. A good classroom environment plays a major role to help children in active learning and experimenting with new things. Children are more prone to interact and indulge themselves in various activities if the surrounding environment is good. ABC Montessori is a play school in West Delhi where the teachers make sure to have multiple options to make the best use of all the spaces within the school premises. This creates a happy and playful environment for the kids.


The management desk of ABC Montessori actively notes every minute detail about the needs and demands of the students. Considering that the children are at their tender age, they understand that each learning session will put a great impact on their inquisitive minds. These points had been thoroughly kept in mind while designing the layout of ABC Montessori school. The management has studied the noise level of each classroom. The areas with high noise level have been distantly constructed so that it does not affect the learning of a child.

A good classroom environment adds life and positivity to a room. It creates a mood, an ambiance, so it is made sure that the classroom structure of ABC Montessori is full of vibrant and lively colors so that it creates a spirit of learning.

ABC Montessori School makes sure to take in a fixed number of children so that each child has his own space to play and learn. This also gives the teachers a chance to pay full attention to every child individually. The rooms have been strategically organized considering all the pros and cons. The teachers aim to help children in effective learning strategies which is only possible in a motivating and positive learning environment.

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How to deal with an overly emotional child

Toddlers and preschoolers are prone to crying because they get overwhelmed easily by feelings like fear, happiness, anger, and stress. However, there is nothing abnormal in this behavior. You cannot stop your child from showcasing intense emotions because it does not demonstrate weakness.

The teachers at ABC Montessori are trained to understand the emotions of a child. They help the kids to become strong physically, but most importantly- mentally. They understand that each child is born different with different temperaments. The emotional sensitivity also differs from one child to another. 

ABC is one of the best play schools in Delhi where children learn to calm themselves and deal with their emotions whenever they feel angry. The teachers make sure that they become the best role model and show them the way emotions are managed by practicing it by themselves. If a child watches a teacher lose her temper, he will probably pick up this behavior and repeat the same action. But if he sees a teacher confronting her feelings in a gentle and a kind way, he will follow that too. So the teachers play a major role in this regard.

At ABC Montessori, the teachers are ace enough to calm the nerves of angry children by different means. They teach children to walk away from the things which makes them angry or frustrated and give them time to come back to the normal state.

The teachers give an angry child a coloring book or a beautiful set of crayon to divert their mind. This is an effective way to switch their attention to something that they absolutely love, also helping him calm his mind and body. The teachers help them understand the difference between aggression and anger. Students are taught that they are in control of their actions and in this way a child understands his behavior in a better way.

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Feeding the inquisitive minds at ABC Montessori Rajouri Garden

Traditionally, the journey of learning in the life of a preschooler begins by spoon-feeding the children. Whereas in an inquiry-based learning, the students are asked the things they would want to learn. The teachers at ABC Montessori, motivate students to engross in the activities such as gathering and deciphering data and finding answers with practicality. ABC is one of the Best Montessori schools in Delhi where the students are bestowed with fundamental skills and the zeal to solve problems.

Inquisitive minds


Here, students are given freedom to nourish their talent. They are directed by their own inquisitiveness for learning. This technique of learning emboldens the preschooler to trust their own voice while solving problems. Ultimately they feel that their opinion is appreciated and the teachers acknowledge the validity of their choices. Overall, a child feels encouraged and remains motivated to be winded in the task to discover something new.

Inquiry-based learning advocates the act of examining concepts, so your child fathoms the gravity of having an analytical mind. Resultantly, the child acquires that confident spirit when asked diversity of questions. Very often, the classroom curriculum aims attention to engulf the facts; inquiry-based learning in ABC Montessori tutors your child in getting a better understanding of the process.

The students at ABC Montessori School begin to take control over their learning. This style of learning marks an in-depth influence on your child that will serve as the foundation of his adult life because this kind of learning portrays his potential to investigate and scrutinize things without an external support.

“>As a child learns and grows, life will present multiple obstacles and put him in dilemmas. But when he is exposed to inquiry-based learning technique, he gets gifted with the quality of perseverance, self-regulation and a deep sense of responsibility. ABC Montessori fosters in each child- an ambiance of learning and the joy of discovering something new.

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How to promote Healthy Cognitive Development in Children?

Cognitive Development

Children’s splendid minds has been growing and changing from the second they come into this beautiful world. They are on a route to develop complex thoughts as they grow. They are eager to question, learn, and make sense of the world around them. This shows that they are developing cognitively.

Children’s cognitive competencies are improved when they start forming questions and coming across solutions themselves or with the help of others around them. Understanding how to go through the process of questioning, discovery, evaluation, reflection and finding solutions help children in becoming life-long learners. Enroll you children in best play schools in Delhi and ABC Montessori preschool in Rajouri Garden, Delhi for their cognitive development.

Here are some ideas that may be used to help your child develop strong learning and thinking skills:

Here are a few ideas that may be used to assist your children develop robust gaining of knowledge and thinking capabilities:

  1. Let your children know that what they think and question is valued. Listen to their questions very carefully. Your children will have a stronger sense of self-worth and approach to face challenges with confidence.
  2.  Ask questions and set up opportunities to inspire your children to think for themselves. Encourage them to come up with original ideas and listen to them. Show a genuine respect for their ideas.
  3.   Take your children to Interesting locations like library, museum or commercial Enterprises to encourage their interests and sense of admiration. Allow them to explore things with hands-on experiences.
  4. Motivate your children to try diverse Strategies for problem-solving. Some examples can be drawing talking painting acting or making a model of clay. Encourage your children to keep on trying until they find a solution that works for them.
  5. Play different games with your young children like building blocks, peek a boo, roll balls, etc. and as your infants mature, play memory games, board games work on Puzzles with them.


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Take a break from Monotony

Generally, sitting and learning in the classroom can be a monotonous and tedious task for tiny toddlers. Children often feel sleepy with the repetitive tasks performed within the four walls of school every day. To give a break to the daily routine of learning, schools in Delhi often organize Summer Camps for the students to make them learn, play in the best possible environment.

Summer Camp

Summer camps are a great way to deal with the monotony. Children are always happy and excited to play outside their houses and such activities help them to retain their juvenility, gives them rejuvenation and abundance of happiness and freshness. Such break from classroom environment is also helpful for their mental and physical growth. Their mind starts working with more power and energy. Summer camps give them a way to explore their creative skills. They also make new friends and the activities involved give them a sense of leadership because there are certain games that require planning, execution and sportsmanship but of course at a small scale. Children put their mind and heart to the activities included in the summer camp schedule and also gives them a chance to interact with their fellow mates. Nature is the best inspiration for anyone and such opportunities let students gather in the lap of nature and learn new things in a communion. The teachers make them learn the classroom concepts, but in a unique way that involves physical indulgence. Students start gathering interest in the activities in a more fun and joyful manner. One of the main reasons why summer schools came into being is that the teachers understand that children are not meant to be trapped within the four walls but they are meant to fly high in the wide open sky.  

Donald Duck

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How to infuse child with politeness

Every parent aspire their child to be mannerly and civil; inculcated with humble demeanors of ‘thank you’ and ‘sorry’. Some children are inherently blessed with these dispositions while others have to acquire it. 

It is crucial for your child to understand the need of inculcating good mannerisms. Ultimately, it cannot be spoon-fed to your child, he has to earn it. ABC Montessori is a play school in West Delhi that focuses on development of good manners at the root stage of your child. It is seen that more your child is compassionate, the more he is likely to be respectful. It is one of the paramount qualities that need to be infused in the child. Such children become more considerate and show the characteristics of affection. 

The teachers know that children love to imitate people and visual gesture will have a direct effect in the psyche of a child.  The ideal way to groom a child is to be the epitome of civility and kindness yourself. Be the driving force of his life. It is always better to be practicing things rather than just preaching it!  Teachers strive hard to set good examples of appreciation and love.  The teacher who show a polite attitude towards children will instigate a child to reciprocate in the same way and cull out discourtesy.

Appreciation and reinforcement are the two massive factors to inspirit a child. Now if a student begins to be polite, the teacher appreciates his goodwill.  If a child takes a wrong step, the teachers do no yell or exaggerate things; instead stay poised and lead him to the correct path.  At ABC Montessori Rajouri Garden Delhi, children are valued by the teachers. And it is the politeness reflected from the teachers that goes a long way in contributing towards child’s fundamental attributes.


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Teaching hygiene to toddlers the ABC Montessori Way!

Is the pre-school teaching your child hygienic mannerisms? Personal hygiene is very important to live a healthy life which should be taken care of religiously.

Your child is likely to spend half of his day at educational premises. And small children are more prone to falling sick as they come in contact with hundreds of other kids on a daily basis. School is a place where a child is taught to distinguish between a good and a bad habit- the very fundamental insight to be given to a child.

ABC Montessori is a play school in West Delhi that aims to incorporate ideal mannerisms to cultivate good citizens for future. The teachers make sure to let children know that the first step for personal hygiene is to wash hands properly. Children are shown how to use antiseptic soaps and coached washroom manners.

The importance of oral hygiene is taught with the help of little poems. Brushing properly is a skill that is instructed efficiently and children learn it soon by practicing.

 It is understood that children are very stubborn at this age, so the teachers tend to become friends with them. They understand that wisdom gained today will frame the foundation of their personality. They teach children coughing-sneezing etiquettes and the importance of keeping a handkerchief handy. This is one of the most effective measures to control infection.

Now there are few very basic bad habits that children adopt such as biting fingernails, digging nose or spitting. What if these essential lessons are not given to your child? How detrimental it can be for his health and personality. So the school aims to assimilate the important life- lessons early before it becomes their habit and by following these precautions your child will remain fit and healthy.

Traits of an ideal Pre-school / Play School

Often parents are in utter dilemma to choose one of the best play schools for their children. Childhood is the time for healthy nourishment in physical as well as mental terms. Pre schools are an important part of life and they make the initial journey of a child to be a happy and meaningful affair. However there are a lot of perspectives from which a preschool should be chosen. It is important to provide a healthy and safe environment to a child.

Now the children have to attend their classes regularly. It is important to provide them a sense of security and make efforts to root out hesitation from the heart and mind of a child. We understand that being fearful can mark a grave impact in the psychological growth. Schools are constructed in a way that children can be put away from some serious health hazards, such as unclean washrooms, slipping floors, lack in medical aid and sharp, edgy toys to play with. The environment is to be made neat, tidy and sorted and made sure that there are no sharp edges anywhere around the campus since it becomes a child’s second home. The job of a teacher is to handle the innocent as well as stubborn children and treat them with bouquet of care and affection. In a playschool like ABC Montessori, established in Delhi, initiatives are taken to let go a child’s creative energy to transcend the walls of academia where self-expression and creativity are given equivalence.

The teachers understand that each child is special, bestowed with unique qualities of his own which must be acknowledged and praised. Regular appraisals and immediate feedback makes a good base for the child, where he knows that his actions will have an outcome. Motivation is said to be the best feed for children and the teachers know how to use this tool to bring out the best in them by making them trust their instincts and to believe in the power of their actions. 

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Play School help your kids to surpass shyness

A teacher, during his course of time in play school, comes across children with unique personality traits. One of the traits is shyness. A shy student always presents a challenge for most of the teachers. Their role is to stretch hands of comfort and pull them up from their cage of resentment, fear and embarrassment.  A teacher must understand the emotions of a student and the cause of it. It is generally seen that the shy students are little skeptical to face challenges. So it becomes important for the teachers to boost their self esteem at the raw stage so as to not face personality disorders in future.

There are many ways a teacher can do that starting with the game of introducing each other. These group activities make a child more comfortable, rather than directly making him stand at the front which will make him more nervous. A teacher must assign group tasks where students are made to converse with each other, know about each other, and share a bond of familiarity. If the students are once familiar to each other then it will help the shy kids to rule out their awkwardness and uneasiness. The aim is to make a room for comfort and assuage. This can be induced by engaging shy students in classroom activities so that they feel that they are offering good amount of contribution to the class. This will make them feel that their presence is significant to the class. Classroom arrangement also plays a dynamic role in influencing the personality of a child. The children of the same age group must be placed together so that they share a bond of understanding and comfort. Parents can look for a suitable play school for their little children in Hari Nagar and help their shy kids fearless.

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Manifesting the art of Sharing

Parents generally send their kids to playschools for the academic and behavioral development of their child. Generally, parents fulfill all the possible demands of their children, considering that they are little. However, satisfying all the demands of the children make them prone to be more egoistic and stubborn. Such children are always resisting sharing their things with anyone else, if forced, they wail ghastly.

Behavioral psychologists believe that children adapt a lot from their environment and from what their eyes see. Their senses are more receptive. So in a playschool, the teachers can enact a play of ‘sharing’ in front of the students so that they get manipulated and understand that sharing is a good habit.

Other activities that can be included in the playschool curriculum are those games where sharing is absolutely imperative. It will root out the hesitation from their mind and their behavioral structure will adapt itself in the same vein. When they will see their fellow mates sharing, it will enhance the process even more. This will also aid in constructing social etiquettes and not being mean to people by refusing to share. Such behavioral characteristics are important to be inculcated in little children because the things that they will learn in the initial days of life will act as a foundation for the rest of their lives. Children should be manifested with the art of saying ‘thank you’ whenever something is shared to them. This will encourage the giver as well as the receiver to share things when ever required.

A positive reinforcement plays a dynamic role in a child’s life. If children are rewarded after every act of sharing, it will encourage them to do it more often. Enroll your children in one of the best play school in Delhi today and see the change.

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