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Encouraging Your Children to Lead

No matter how intelligent and well behaved your children are, they are frequently told where to go, what to do and how to behave during the day. Parents and caretakers continually feel over scheduled and hurried as they are required to actively look after children all the time.

Unlike this, Children should be allowed to be their own under parental observation. Children need encouragement to think sensibly and reasonably to be better individuals. It’s significant for children to have some control over their world. With their growth, they have their own opinions and thoughts regardless of age. When children make their decisions, it enhances their independence and they realize the importance of their self-esteem and individual identity.

Here are some ways which can give your children possibilities to thrive as a leader

1) Let them play.

Children love to play. They can get engaged in so many activities like creating, building, playing board games, interacting with nature, playing house and many more. Allow your children to be in charge of their play and let them play independently. This will give them a sense of thinking and decision making.

2) Encourage their imaginations.

childrens imagination

When your children talks to you and ask you anything, try to explain them whatever they say. Allow their imaginations run wild and engage yourself in conversations with them. Communicating ideas will enable them to expand their thoughts and build divergent thinking and confidence in them.

3) Allow them free time.

playing kid

Free time is important for children to discover and explore. Make your schedule in a such a way that your children get that time for free play, dreaming and roaming around.


4 )Provide them hands-on examples and experiences.

Provide real and direct examples or experiences to your children as much as possible in different situations. This will connect them to the real world and encourage learning.

Give your children a sense of Independence and control in their world by enrolling them in ABC Montessori Rajouri Garden which can re-energize their ability to learn new things and be a good leader.

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