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Inquisitive minds

Feeding the inquisitive minds at ABC Montessori Rajouri Garden

Traditionally, the journey of learning in the life of a preschooler begins by spoon-feeding the children. Whereas in an inquiry-based learning, the students are asked the things they would want to learn. The teachers at ABC Montessori, motivate students to engross in the activities such as gathering and deciphering data and finding answers with practicality. ABC is one of the Best Montessori schools in Delhi where the students are bestowed with fundamental skills and the zeal to solve problems.

Inquisitive minds


Here, students are given freedom to nourish their talent. They are directed by their own inquisitiveness for learning. This technique of learning emboldens the preschooler to trust their own voice while solving problems. Ultimately they feel that their opinion is appreciated and the teachers acknowledge the validity of their choices. Overall, a child feels encouraged and remains motivated to be winded in the task to discover something new.

Inquiry-based learning advocates the act of examining concepts, so your child fathoms the gravity of having an analytical mind. Resultantly, the child acquires that confident spirit when asked diversity of questions. Very often, the classroom curriculum aims attention to engulf the facts; inquiry-based learning in ABC Montessori tutors your child in getting a better understanding of the process.

The students at ABC Montessori School begin to take control over their learning. This style of learning marks an in-depth influence on your child that will serve as the foundation of his adult life because this kind of learning portrays his potential to investigate and scrutinize things without an external support.

“>As a child learns and grows, life will present multiple obstacles and put him in dilemmas. But when he is exposed to inquiry-based learning technique, he gets gifted with the quality of perseverance, self-regulation and a deep sense of responsibility. ABC Montessori fosters in each child- an ambiance of learning and the joy of discovering something new.

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