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Preparing Your Children for Kindergarten

When your children are growing up, they go through a time of great mental, social and emotional development. They express their newly found joy of learning and confidence in a positive environment. There is nothing like a strong kindergarten experience which prepares them for success in elementary school. You can enroll your children in  ABC Montessori Rajouri Garden, Delhi for their growth and bright future.

Here are some tips to help you in preparing your children for kindergarten.

play school

1) Reading.

Reading aloud in front of your children not only encourages them to read on their own but also in general at school. You can start with nursery rhymes which can be helpful in teaching language, rhyming and Phonics to them.

2) Identification.

 Talking about different shapes, colors, weekdays, alphabets, numerals or facial features will make them familiar with things around them and they will be able to identify and differentiate between things.

3) Clay Letters

Playing with clay and showing your children how to form letters out of clay will help in strengthening their concept of letter formation with hands. This may help them to prepare for handwriting.

4) Independence.

 Try to cultivate Independence in your children before Kindergarten. You can start it by letting them tie their shoes, dress themselves or use the bathroom alone, etc. Children get scared upon separation from their parents. You can practice some separation sessions with the help of caregivers before their first day at kindergarten.

5) School visitation and meeting the teacher

You can try and arrange a tour to the school and meet the teacher few times. Allow your children to see classrooms, playgrounds, activity areas of the school as familiarity may help them to get adjusted in the Kindergarten easily.

6) Get a Check-Up

Make sure that your children are up to date on their vaccinations. It’s good to  visit your pediatrician for regular check up before sending your children  to the kindergarten.

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