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How to Sharpen Your Kids Mind

In this 21st century, with advancement in science and technology people have made their lives so much dependent on machines that they spend most of their time with electronic devices such as iPods, iPads, laptops, smart phones, video games, etc. Along with adults, kids nowadays are so much into these gadgets that they are escaping the activities that encourage the growth of their bodies and brains. Children are naturally very active, curious, and full of energy, cheerfulness and excitement. With right guidance and support from parents and teachers, their minds can be trained and sharpened. Many schools are working in providing children a healthy and good learning environment. You can enroll your children in best Montessori preschools and playschools in Delhi for their good mental and physical growth. Here are some tips for parents to keep their children’s brains sharp.

1) Plenty of rest. Allow children proper sleep of 10 to 12 hours to let them re-energize and rejuvenate. Good sleep will make their minds sharper, calmer and healthier.

2) Healthy diet. Start their day with healthy breakfast full of proteins, wholegrain, fiber, fruits, and vegetables, etc. Healthy diet will make them healthy, provide energy and sharpen their minds to perform better academically.

3) Reading. Encourage children to read as it is a good way for effective learning. Allow children to read their books of interest like story books, science books or even chapter from their school books. Reading will give knowledge to their brains and indulge them to think, react and be imaginative and inventive.

4) Limit time for electronic gadgets. Keep your children updated with technology but limit their use of electronic gadgets. Involve them in other activities like dancing, cleaning their rooms, gardening, visit to the nearby parks, etc.

5) Physical activities. Physical activities are not only good for the body but they also sharpen the mind. Engage your children in physical activities like swimming, skating, Sports, gymnastics, etc. This will stimulate their mental and physical growth.

6) Memory games. Play memory games with children as they sharpen their learning skills. Playing memory games exercises their mental abilities and improves their mind’s fitness.

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