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Benefits of Block Play

Block play is an activity that gives a student an open-ended, valuable, and a creative learning experience. The children get the freedom to explore their creativity as they take the blocks apart and put it together in their own inventive way. This gives rise to their creative skills and thus, there are many advantages that can be gained through this activity. ABC Montessori is one of the best playschools in West Delhi where children learn the art of creative block building.


Through this game, students of ABC Montessori get an opportunity to discover their own creative ideas. They stack, combine and arrange the blocks through shape, size, and color, thus, developing their imaginative skills each time they play with it.

Problem-solving skills


Building blocks help to enhance problem-solving skills as well as increases logical thinking. At ABC Montessori, children learn to put the blocks together creatively which is the result of artistic inclinations. which increase slowly and gradually and gets better with time. 

Mathematical skills

Blocks have different colors, sizes, and shapes which gives children ample opportunities to practice some important mathematical skills. The teachers at ABC Montessori help children to understand numbers, balance, symmetry, and estimation. Children learn to compare different shapes and sizes which later helps them to understand tough mathematical concepts.


Social Development

At ABC Montessori, Children learn to adjust with other students and understand social life better with the help of this activity. Children are more prone to talk, communicate, share their ideas, and learn to work in a team with qualities such as cooperation and adjustment. These factors are important to lead a good social life as they try to figure out their roles and responsibilities towards their classmates. This also helps them to start a good social bond among their peers.   

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