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Chairman’s Message

chairmanI believe education is the best way to reach for sky; for an educated person even sky is not the limit. He or she can emerge as a change agent and as an opinion leader who hold the potential to shape the future of the entire community. Education is the key to both happiness as well as success.

I along with my dedicated team of Montessori teachers have committed our life to refining your child’s senses through exercise of attention to detail, comparison and fine judgment. This rich experience help your children and you realize that Montessori way is the child size way.We are so particular about everything in the school, the furniture, the setting, the props, the décor and all else – everything should be of child size and at eye level in this realm.

No distraction, only healthy interaction is what we have ensured in ABC Montessori methods. No golden stars, only smiling faces, no grades to rate but much desired appreciation is what your child needs today

In my pursuit of educational excellence, I emerge as the bearers of this high-held torch towards education so thatits rays get spread to brighten every innocent life and enlighten every little mind.

I am committed to realize the vision of Maria Montessori who made sure that the seed of affection towards learning and knowledge is sowed deep in every little heart from the start.

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