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Montessori Advantage

Montessori education is predominantly a model of human development which emphasizes on two basic aspects.First, psychological activities focused on self-construction and interaction, second, child psychology, liberty and spontaneity.

Maria Montessori was the pioneer of this style of education and due to her early medical practice that solely focused on psychiatry; she eventually developed an interest in education. Her passions were pedagogy and educational theory. This was the time when she observed and called into question, the prevailing methods of teaching children with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Maria Montessori along with her son Mario Montessori saw and identified the universal, innate characteristics in human psychology and defined them as “human tendencies” in 1957. Montessori form of education is founded on these fundamental human tendencies. These tendenciesemphasize on Critical and Cognitive and Social aspect of Child Development before the age of six. 

World Class Education

Montessori is the only form of education that focuses on the intellectual, spiritual and emotional development of the child, whereas the Traditional form focuses solely on the intellectual aspect.Montessori’s love for learning is another angle that is untouched by the Traditional form of education. It allows every child to play an active role in their own learning process thus making it more and more enjoyable and adventurous. Montessori is the way world is learning and growing.

No Rote Learning

Montessori education inculcates and encourages self-discipline, self-learning and exploration of different subjects among the students. On the other hand, Traditional education makes the teacher the primary enforcer of discipline, transmitter of all education, knowledge and learning.In Montessori model, the teacher plays the role of a guide and mentor. Whereas in the Traditional form of education, that is most commonly followed by schools worldwide, the emphasis lies on Rote Learning and Social Behaviour. Here, the teacher or the tutor acts as the controller.

Why ABC Montessori is best pre-school

When the child works, experiences, witnesses, moves around, all the while learning what he or she wants to and is required of him, Montessori’s goals are realized. The Traditional form does not allow for any such activities, rather only follow set in stone guidelines with no flexibility. The Montessori model believes in individual instruction and caters to all age groups as compared to Traditional learning, which follows group instruction and comprises students of the same age group.            Montessori model understands the importance of the child’s own experiences that come through multi-sensory materials provided here. It is the only form of education and learning technique that is based on phonetics and provides flexible reading and writing opportunities. Traditional learning model on the other hand is based on subjects limited to the books and written material provided to them. All these things make Montessori model as the best and ABC Montessori New Delhi School as the leading pre-school or play school in this direction.

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