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Choosing a Preschool / Play School

The starting years of children’s life are significant for their development. During these years, fostered and motivated children are more composed for formal calculations and readings. They become sociable by the time they go to kindergarten.

Parents are considered as a child’s first teacher. They should be well aware of the ways to make most of learning opportunities for their children. one important choice that parents needs to make is choosing a right preschool to their children in their early years.

It can be tough to choose a preschool / play school for your children because every child is different. What works for one child, may not work for another one. This is true in case of children with special needs. So, it becomes very important to choose the best preschool for your preschooler.

 Even friends and neighbors can be a good point of information but it’s better to do your research before sending your children to any preschool.

Good quality preschools hire well trained teachers who have studied childhood education. This is important because preschool teachers must have understanding of handling kids and knowledge of how to nourish basics of reading preparation skills. A good play school teacher must have the love and passion for working with young children. He/she should manage them in a caring way and share their interest and love for books and learning.

In a good preschool classroom, children comes across many different types of materials like building blocks and other construction materials, Paints, picture books, art materials,  puzzles, matching games and more. The classrooms in preschools should be engaging so that students will be curious to learn new things. It should spark their imaginations. The walls should display artwork and creative, interesting writings. There should be real life objects in the classrooms to help students understand the concepts and vocabulary easily.

The best way to get the real picture is to visit preschools and spend some time observing the classrooms and the teachers. Take time to find the right preschool for your children as it is an investment for their future. Enroll your children in ABC Montessori preschools / play school in Delhi for their bright future.

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