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Develop Language

Development of effective communication skill begins at tender age

A language is a survival tool that a human being acquires. We cannot communicate without using language. Ineffective and an improper use of language often lead to misjudgment of the message which in turn may cause trouble. Teachers at ABC Montessori understand that language is a human way to express certain emotions and this skill must be inculcated in children at their tender age. For this reason, the school tries innovative ways to help children learn the necessary skills by which they can improve their communication ability.

Development of a good communication skill starts from the preschool where a child meets a teacher and his fellow mates. A child not only needs to speak but also to understand both spoken and expressive language. The expressive language includes the understanding of signs, facial expressions, and the body language. At ABC Montessori, a child understands all the facets of language so that he can grow up without facing any challenges while communicating. ABC Montessori is a playschool in West Delhi where the teachers study the minds of children and construct a strong foundation for learning based on their individual capabilities. The preschoolers relish the golden opportunity to advance their skills and fight their battle with language. This helps in an adequate growth and development of a child.

At ABC Montessori, the children come in contact with new words so that a new word is added to their vocabulary every day. Then the teachers help them use those words in their day-to-day life. They are not showered with complex words and high-quality of language, instead, they learn the general use of language. It is important to note that a language cannot be learned devoid of a context. Teachers at Montessori create situations for children to help them understand the proper usage various phrases, adjectives, and idioms.  For further information and detail, you are invited to visit E-11, Rajouri Garden Delhi or give us a missed call at 18001370130. 

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