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Educational activities for play school kids

Inspiring kids to get into right direction and doing right things is a challenge because kids can get into wrong things easily. Children are like moulds and they can bend in any direction whether good or bad depending on their learning and surroundings. Attention, observation and awareness play an important part in right growth and upbringing of kids.

Young children show different strengths and developmental abilities at different ages. Kids should be engaged in activities which will help them in appropriate learning and mental development at home or schools. It is a lot easier to entertain kids while they learn new skills and practices with so many educational activities. You can enroll your kids in Montessori preschools / play school in Delhi and best daycare schools in Delhi.

It is important for adults to participate with young children in such activities so that their learning experience can become more effective. Right guidance is very important in these activities with age group of 1 year to 5 years. Many schools will have fun doing those activities with children too. Below are some of the educational activities which can help children tremendously.

 1) Science activities: Kids under adult supervision can perform science activities like magic milk color explosion, turning grapes into raisins, expanding Ivory soap experiment, homemade giant bubble recipe, making crystals with borax and pipe cleaners, water cycle activity, baking soda and vinegar experiment for fizzing colors, sink and float experiments etc.

2) Math activities: Kids can perform activities like Play with Your Food! Tangram Puzzle Sandwiches, Ice Cube Tray Math Practice, Garden math, design a weather calendar, create a color collage, make your own memory matching game, etc.

3) DIY(do it yourself) activities: Kids can engage in activities like crayon colors sorting, make your own bags, make your own cloud, play with pulleys, stamped shirt, tie-dye spin art, fairy Garden, family tree, etc.

4) Reading and literacy activities: involve kids in activities like make your own writing tent, thankful tree, duct tape alphabet magnets, etc.

5) Music and art activities: engage kids in activities like egg music makers, beach art shell paintings, nurture a love for music, etc.

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