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Child Behavior

How to deal with an overly emotional child

Toddlers and preschoolers are prone to crying because they get overwhelmed easily by feelings like fear, happiness, anger, and stress. However, there is nothing abnormal in this behavior. You cannot stop your child from showcasing intense emotions because it does not demonstrate weakness.

The teachers at ABC Montessori are trained to understand the emotions of a child. They help the kids to become strong physically, but most importantly- mentally. They understand that each child is born different with different temperaments. The emotional sensitivity also differs from one child to another. 

ABC is one of the best play schools in Delhi where children learn to calm themselves and deal with their emotions whenever they feel angry. The teachers make sure that they become the best role model and show them the way emotions are managed by practicing it by themselves. If a child watches a teacher lose her temper, he will probably pick up this behavior and repeat the same action. But if he sees a teacher confronting her feelings in a gentle and a kind way, he will follow that too. So the teachers play a major role in this regard.

At ABC Montessori, the teachers are ace enough to calm the nerves of angry children by different means. They teach children to walk away from the things which makes them angry or frustrated and give them time to come back to the normal state.

The teachers give an angry child a coloring book or a beautiful set of crayon to divert their mind. This is an effective way to switch their attention to something that they absolutely love, also helping him calm his mind and body. The teachers help them understand the difference between aggression and anger. Students are taught that they are in control of their actions and in this way a child understands his behavior in a better way.

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