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How to infuse child with politeness

Every parent aspire their child to be mannerly and civil; inculcated with humble demeanors of ‘thank you’ and ‘sorry’. Some children are inherently blessed with these dispositions while others have to acquire it. 

It is crucial for your child to understand the need of inculcating good mannerisms. Ultimately, it cannot be spoon-fed to your child, he has to earn it. ABC Montessori is a play school in West Delhi that focuses on development of good manners at the root stage of your child. It is seen that more your child is compassionate, the more he is likely to be respectful. It is one of the paramount qualities that need to be infused in the child. Such children become more considerate and show the characteristics of affection. 

The teachers know that children love to imitate people and visual gesture will have a direct effect in the psyche of a child.  The ideal way to groom a child is to be the epitome of civility and kindness yourself. Be the driving force of his life. It is always better to be practicing things rather than just preaching it!  Teachers strive hard to set good examples of appreciation and love.  The teacher who show a polite attitude towards children will instigate a child to reciprocate in the same way and cull out discourtesy.

Appreciation and reinforcement are the two massive factors to inspirit a child. Now if a student begins to be polite, the teacher appreciates his goodwill.  If a child takes a wrong step, the teachers do no yell or exaggerate things; instead stay poised and lead him to the correct path.  At ABC Montessori Rajouri Garden Delhi, children are valued by the teachers. And it is the politeness reflected from the teachers that goes a long way in contributing towards child’s fundamental attributes.


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