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Let’s begin the journey- preschool /play school learning

For parents, their children are their world. They want the best of everything for them and want to see them succeed in their lives. They do the best of their abilities to provide them good education. Every parent wants their children to have a wonderful first experience at school when they start in kindergarten. The most important learning years of life are the early years where the brain grows most rapidly and absorbs much more information than the later stages of life. Preschool education lays the foundation of learning and development of children in early stages of their lives before entering the real world of education. Preschools and good teachers can have a good impact on the development of children.

Preschool education covers various areas of development like

Personal, social and emotional development

preschools teach children about the world through play. It is where children develop a bond with learning. Children get involved in activities like running, jumping, climbing, throwing and catching. They use their bodies actively both indoors and outdoors. This helps in their physical growth and building of bones & muscles. By playing and learning with other classmates, children build their social and language skills. Children learn to deal with and resolve disputes with the support of their teachers. By Interaction with others in the PreSchool, children learn to understand their feelings and feelings of others. They also learn to show concern to others.

Communication skills which includes listening and talking

Children learn to understand and communicate through reading, writing, talking and listening. Teachers in preschools help children to use their communication skills to learn new concepts. Children are very curious. They ask questions, explore new things, create, make decisions, and solve problems. The way of learning approach in children is an important part of their thinking or cognitive skills development. Preschools / play school help children by providing interesting materials to use and explore, by engaging and asking questions to the children that expand their thinking.

Knowledge and understanding of world

Most children ask a lot of questions about the world. Teachers at Preschools encourage children to make discoveries, observe, think scientifically, and ask questions. They provide tools and playful equipments to children to help get the understanding of subject better.

Social studies

In Preschools children learn about different cultures & languages of other children. They get to make new friends, get along with them, play with them & make their decisions. They also learn how to set themselves in their class, family, and community.

Creative Arts

Children express their ideas and feelings in various ways. They could be through dancing, painting and writing. But their creativity is a factor that supports their learning. Preschools provide an environment that supports their creative abilities by providing them materials and equipments which brings out the best of their abilities.

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