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Play School help your kids to surpass shyness

A teacher, during his course of time in play school, comes across children with unique personality traits. One of the traits is shyness. A shy student always presents a challenge for most of the teachers. Their role is to stretch hands of comfort and pull them up from their cage of resentment, fear and embarrassment.  A teacher must understand the emotions of a student and the cause of it. It is generally seen that the shy students are little skeptical to face challenges. So it becomes important for the teachers to boost their self esteem at the raw stage so as to not face personality disorders in future.

There are many ways a teacher can do that starting with the game of introducing each other. These group activities make a child more comfortable, rather than directly making him stand at the front which will make him more nervous. A teacher must assign group tasks where students are made to converse with each other, know about each other, and share a bond of familiarity. If the students are once familiar to each other then it will help the shy kids to rule out their awkwardness and uneasiness. The aim is to make a room for comfort and assuage. This can be induced by engaging shy students in classroom activities so that they feel that they are offering good amount of contribution to the class. This will make them feel that their presence is significant to the class. Classroom arrangement also plays a dynamic role in influencing the personality of a child. The children of the same age group must be placed together so that they share a bond of understanding and comfort. Parents can look for a suitable play school for their little children in Hari Nagar and help their shy kids fearless.

Posted On : 4th July 2018 Author : webadmin Categories : Education
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