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Children are making something out of colored paper.

Play school Arts & Crafts Activities for Kids | ABC Montessori Delhi

Art and craft has a major role to play in the life of a child. It is not merely a bunch of activities but play a crucial role in better forming the behavioral, psychological and cognitive development within the child.

The first and foremost advantage of art and craft activities is that it teaches the student to be self-regulative. There are crafts that test the level of your patience, since you have to sometimes wait for a particular craft piece to let dry. This builds a strong quality of control and piousness.

Along with honing the skills of creativity in children, art and craft is also a great means to boost up your self esteem. After the completion of a particular craft, you can ignite the flare of reinforcement within a child which will be a positive force to heighten the moral of a child.   

These activities also help to enhance the bilateral coordination in the child. There are activities such as cutting, pasting, coloring and so on, which increase the usage of motor skills that will be an aid to get expertise in some important tasks like- tying the shoe lace, typing etc.

The child starts to communicate visually through art and craft. He gets a platform for self-expression where he is free to produce his own mind. There is simply no limit in art. A child also gets a platform to appreciate his own abilities and learn from others as well. This is where they realize their own interests and potentials.  He starts manipulating his own mind and gives it a shape through art in his own way is an interesting thing to know. The curriculum of ABC Montessori School in Delhi is structured in the same vein, striving to create efficient students.

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