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A Visionary – the Principal of ABC Montessori

With a continuous inclination towards the Montessori model across the globe and for good reason, the Principal of ABC Montessori School New Delhi is a women of principles himself. Contrary to the traditional approach of education, he brings in his new ideas to the Montessori model which encourages experience and excellence in children. He believes in exposing the children to the most vivid and colourful environment where there is no age constraint, no barrier to free movement and no bounds to imagination.

Ms. Neha Gandhi has committed his life to help in refining your child’s senses through exercise of attention to detail, comparison and fine judgment. His rich experience helps the children and parents realize that Montessori way is the child size way.It is he who has ensured that everything in the school, the furniture, the setting, the props, the decor, all is child size and at eye level in this realm.

No distraction, only healthy interaction is what Ms  Neha Gandhi has ensured in ABC Montessori methods. Like he says, “No golden stars, only smiling faces, no grades to rate but much desired appreciation is what your child needs today.”

He wishes to inculcate a love of learning in each classroom. He as the head of a leading Montessori school wishes to realize the vision of Maria Montessori who made sure that the seed of affection towards learning and knowledge is sowed deep in every little heart from the start.

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