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Technology Tips for Preschool / Play School Parents

Technology has come a long way over the last decade. The technology which didn’t exist when parents were young, they are making decisions about that Technology for their kids now.  Technology can be a blessing for growing children or it can harm children’s thinking and outlook towards life. So it becomes important for parents to engage themselves in technology decisions for their kids.

Here are some tips that might help you to make Technology decisions for your kids

1) Use technology for communication.

You can email, Skype or Face Time your family and friends far from you. In this way children will be aware of their extended family and learn to communicate with them.

2) Be involved. Engage your children in activities like reading e-book, writing emails, playing games together. Watch educational or sports videos together. Use technology as a way to connect to your children.

3) Ensure hands on play experiences.

Make real world experiences a priority for your children. Engage your children in activities like creating artwork, reading books, building with blocks, or playing board games before handling an iPad or any other technology to your 3-5 year old. Enroll them in best Montessori preschools or best play schools in Delhi for real world experiences.

Social Media

4)  Show healthy etiquette. Children learn from their parents. Show healthy behaviors to them and set examples of good habits so that they will follow you and learn good things in life.

5) Create boundaries.  Set boundaries for use of technology in your family. Manage their time and allow them to use technology and gadgets in such a way that they get equal time for hands-on learning and real world experiences.

6) Be smart and be safe. Be smart in your choices on social media with your family and friends. Monitor and pay attention to your privacy settings. Don’t allow anyone to post you or your children’s images online without your permission to avoid incidents like cyber bullying which can affect your children in a negative way.

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