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The Joy of Learning

When children find learning a fun experience, they tend to absorb more knowledge and mould into better learners. Fun has a positive effect on motivation levels, determining what we learn and how much we retain. Learning isn’t a one-off event. It requires repetition and dedication. If the experience is fun, our little learners will stay curious and keep coming back for more.

Learning must be an enjoyable activity for kids. Be it nursery, kindergarten and preschool, it is important to ensure that learning should be a fun and pleasant experience for our children. For a child, first day at play school or nursery is full of nerves, excitement and tears. Parents leaving kids all alone with strangers is simply a nightmare for children. They feel lonely and seek support. Schools need to play a major role at that point of time to calm the nerves of the children. Those first tentative steps should be made as easy and enjoyable as possible.

For a toddler or young child, education cannot be just all about knowledge and information. There must be a dash of fun and only then the child will start feeling comfortable in the school environment. Slowly, this will make him at ease with new kids, teachers and he would even start loving the hours spent in the school. It is very crucial for young kids to enjoy themselves. Incorporation of fun element in the early education curriculum helps children in developing their own personalities and other social skills. Learning educators must focus on scheduling child activities in an entertaining fashion.

Motivating students can be a difficult task. However, it is one that must be mastered in order to provide a successful education. So often our students express that they are not interested in what is being taught in the classroom, but in actuality this may not be the case. Lack of interest may not be the problem. Rather, the content is not presented in a manner that is interesting to students, or in ways that keep the attention of the learners. As educators, it is important to understand that feeding students information is not teaching, nor does it promote motivation. If learners are not motivated, they will not be willing to learn. So, the pressing inquiry is: How do we motivate students and then keep them motivated? When we motivate students, the focus should be on intrinsic motivation. This is the form that takes place within and is not altered by outside influences. Granted, educators are not able to adjust that which is intrinsic, however, they can act as promoters.

At ABC Montessori, we believe in the joy of learning and imparting knowledge that is playfully crafted. Play takes many forms, but the heart of all play is pleasure. If it isn’t fun, it isn’t play. We play from birth on — we play using our bodies (building with blocks) and our minds (fantasy play). We use words to play (jokes, wit, humour) and we use props (blocks, toys, games). While the exact nature of play evolves, becoming more complex as we grow, play at all ages brings pleasure.

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