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Why its best

When the child works, experiences, witnesses, moves around, all the while learning what he or she wants to and is required of him, Montessori’s goals are realized. The Traditional form does not allow for any such activities, rather only follow set in stone guidelines with no flexibility. The Montessori model believes in individual instruction and caters to all age groups as compared to Traditional learning, which follows group instruction and comprises students of the same age group.

Montessori model understands the importance of the child’s own experiences that come through multi-sensory materials provided here. It is the only form of education and learning technique that is based on phonetics and provides flexible reading and writing opportunities. Traditional learning model on the other hand is based on subjects limited to the books and written material provided to them. All these things make Montessori model as the best and ABC Montessori New Delhi School as the leading school in this direction.

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