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Why Early Childhood Education Is So Important?

Many people have reserved opinions about the importance of Pre-Kindergarten or preschool / play school education. Researches have shown that the children who start ahead of others benefit by getting formal education before Kindergarten. Also, children enrolled in these programs have higher IQ’s and are more behaved at the time of joining kindergarten then their peers without any formal education.

The Social, physical and emotional development of children directly effects their overall development and also that the adults they become. That’s why investing in children at very young age is very important to maximize their future wellbeing. Young children are like learning sponges. Every new word, new experience they learn and behavior they adopt is an investment for their healthy and bright future.

You can give greater impression on any person only during his/her early childhood years. Early childhood Education is all about sharpening and shaping young children and that will form the basis of their life’s journey. Enroll your children in ABC Montessori preschool / play school in Rajouri Garden which is one of the best preschools / play school in Delhi for their early childhood education.

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Early childhood education has the following essential benefits:

1) It helps children in socialization which is important to gain confidence and overcome shyness in them.

2) It makes young children familiar with the concept of cooperation. Children learn to share and cooperate with others at very early stages of their life.

3) It encourages Holistic development which is important to build strong foundation for social, emotional, mental and physical development of young children.

4) It inculcates enthusiasm in young children for lifelong learning. Their love for reading, learning, writing, discovering nature starts in preschools.

5) It conveys the value of education through experience. Early childhood education gives them a new perspective on the importance of education and that remains with them throughout their education journey.

6) It teaches children the value of respect, teamwork and make them resilient from their early years.

7) It also teaches children to concentrate, have patience and develop confidence and self-esteem which is very critical for their success in life.

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