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Why Should You Send Your children to a summer Camp?

Growing up can be a time of misperception for many children. It can be overwhelming for them to fit in and grow a sense of independence. A summer camp is a great way for your children to understand valuable lessons of life, while having the time of their life.

It’s a wise choice to send your children to a summer camp, let’s have a look at how they’ll benefit:


Summer Fiesta

Build Confidence

Many children deal with confidence issues. Leadership programs at the camps boost their confidence by motivating them to work hard and achieve goals. Seeing the strong connections with their peers and positive results of their hard work helps to build confidence which is critical for their success in life.

Promotes Growth and Social Interaction

Developing strong social skills are vital for children to have a more independent life. Apart from building strong communication skills, healthy social interaction builds a sense of belonging.

Learn Important Leadership Skills

Children take directions from their parents and teachers. They require a chance to develop their leadership skills. A summer camp is a perfect opportunity to build a dynamic personality and leadership skills through various activities which are important for their success in career, family, and life.

Summer camp

Uncover Passions

It’s hard for children to discover what they’re passionate about because of so much information and options available. This leaves them with lack of motivation and direction. A camp can help teens focus on what they truly love. Merely by expressing themselves and getting an opportunity to lead, they may unveil the talents they never knew about.


A summer camp is what your child needs if he/she is struggling with confidence issues or needs to build his/her social interaction skills. ABC Montessori has organized a summer camp in Rajouri garden, Delhi for the age group of 2 to 12 years. It provides abundant activities to make their summer packed with fun and learning.

Contact ABC Montessori preschool, one of the best play school in Rajouri garden, New Delhi at 45870003, 97117-07058 or give us a missed call at 1800-1370-130 to know more about the camp. 

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