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Teaching hygiene to toddlers the ABC Montessori Way!

Is the pre-school teaching your child hygienic mannerisms? Personal hygiene is very important to live a healthy life which should be taken care of religiously.

Your child is likely to spend half of his day at educational premises. And small children are more prone to falling sick as they come in contact with hundreds of other kids on a daily basis. School is a place where a child is taught to distinguish between a good and a bad habit- the very fundamental insight to be given to a child.

ABC Montessori is a play school in West Delhi that aims to incorporate ideal mannerisms to cultivate good citizens for future. The teachers make sure to let children know that the first step for personal hygiene is to wash hands properly. Children are shown how to use antiseptic soaps and coached washroom manners.

The importance of oral hygiene is taught with the help of little poems. Brushing properly is a skill that is instructed efficiently and children learn it soon by practicing.

 It is understood that children are very stubborn at this age, so the teachers tend to become friends with them. They understand that wisdom gained today will frame the foundation of their personality. They teach children coughing-sneezing etiquettes and the importance of keeping a handkerchief handy. This is one of the most effective measures to control infection.

Now there are few very basic bad habits that children adopt such as biting fingernails, digging nose or spitting. What if these essential lessons are not given to your child? How detrimental it can be for his health and personality. So the school aims to assimilate the important life- lessons early before it becomes their habit and by following these precautions your child will remain fit and healthy.

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