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ABC Montessori Delhi – A Play School with the best classroom layout

A classroom should be in a way that motivates a child to learn and play. A good classroom environment plays a major role to help children in active learning and experimenting with new things. Children are more prone to interact and indulge themselves in various activities if the surrounding environment is good. ABC Montessori is a play school in West Delhi where the teachers make sure to have multiple options to make the best use of all the spaces within the school premises. This creates a happy and playful environment for the kids.


The management desk of ABC Montessori actively notes every minute detail about the needs and demands of the students. Considering that the children are at their tender age, they understand that each learning session will put a great impact on their inquisitive minds. These points had been thoroughly kept in mind while designing the layout of ABC Montessori school. The management has studied the noise level of each classroom. The areas with high noise level have been distantly constructed so that it does not affect the learning of a child.

A good classroom environment adds life and positivity to a room. It creates a mood, an ambiance, so it is made sure that the classroom structure of ABC Montessori is full of vibrant and lively colors so that it creates a spirit of learning.

ABC Montessori School makes sure to take in a fixed number of children so that each child has his own space to play and learn. This also gives the teachers a chance to pay full attention to every child individually. The rooms have been strategically organized considering all the pros and cons. The teachers aim to help children in effective learning strategies which is only possible in a motivating and positive learning environment.

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