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Traits of an ideal Pre-school / Play School

Often parents are in utter dilemma to choose one of the best play schools for their children. Childhood is the time for healthy nourishment in physical as well as mental terms. Pre schools are an important part of life and they make the initial journey of a child to be a happy and meaningful affair. However there are a lot of perspectives from which a preschool should be chosen. It is important to provide a healthy and safe environment to a child.

Now the children have to attend their classes regularly. It is important to provide them a sense of security and make efforts to root out hesitation from the heart and mind of a child. We understand that being fearful can mark a grave impact in the psychological growth. Schools are constructed in a way that children can be put away from some serious health hazards, such as unclean washrooms, slipping floors, lack in medical aid and sharp, edgy toys to play with. The environment is to be made neat, tidy and sorted and made sure that there are no sharp edges anywhere around the campus since it becomes a child’s second home. The job of a teacher is to handle the innocent as well as stubborn children and treat them with bouquet of care and affection. In a playschool like ABC Montessori, established in Delhi, initiatives are taken to let go a child’s creative energy to transcend the walls of academia where self-expression and creativity are given equivalence.

The teachers understand that each child is special, bestowed with unique qualities of his own which must be acknowledged and praised. Regular appraisals and immediate feedback makes a good base for the child, where he knows that his actions will have an outcome. Motivation is said to be the best feed for children and the teachers know how to use this tool to bring out the best in them by making them trust their instincts and to believe in the power of their actions. 

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