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Take a break from Monotony

Generally, sitting and learning in the classroom can be a monotonous and tedious task for tiny toddlers. Children often feel sleepy with the repetitive tasks performed within the four walls of school every day. To give a break to the daily routine of learning, schools in Delhi often organize Summer Camps for the students to make them learn, play in the best possible environment.

Summer Camp

Summer camps are a great way to deal with the monotony. Children are always happy and excited to play outside their houses and such activities help them to retain their juvenility, gives them rejuvenation and abundance of happiness and freshness. Such break from classroom environment is also helpful for their mental and physical growth. Their mind starts working with more power and energy. Summer camps give them a way to explore their creative skills. They also make new friends and the activities involved give them a sense of leadership because there are certain games that require planning, execution and sportsmanship but of course at a small scale. Children put their mind and heart to the activities included in the summer camp schedule and also gives them a chance to interact with their fellow mates. Nature is the best inspiration for anyone and such opportunities let students gather in the lap of nature and learn new things in a communion. The teachers make them learn the classroom concepts, but in a unique way that involves physical indulgence. Students start gathering interest in the activities in a more fun and joyful manner. One of the main reasons why summer schools came into being is that the teachers understand that children are not meant to be trapped within the four walls but they are meant to fly high in the wide open sky.  

Donald Duck

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